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Welcome to Chordweb - the web site where you easily can add chords to your lyrics and have them as well formated webpages. You can either print these webpages on paper, copy them and past them into a word document or copy the generated HTML code and save them as your own web pages with your lyrics.

"How do I get other chords than the buttons?"
For more advanced chords, write the them in the lyrics field sorrunded by brackets. Set transform to 0 and Chord summery to No summery or Text.

"How does transform work?"
By choosing -1 or +1 in the tranform list, will the generated web page give the user the opportunity to transpose the lyrics one step (two semi tones) up or down.
"Do I need to fill in all fields?"
No, the fields that are empty will not be included in the generated web page.

Swedish chords style is not posible for the moment.